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Advertising Funnel Stages Performance Calculator

Understanding Your Advertising Funnel Performance is Key to Success.

This calculator shows you the flow - from left to right - of advertising dollars spent and how it trickles down ultimately to revenue for you. Plug in the numbers for the various items and click the update button to see how they affect the outcome. Use the links and references in each section to better understand what each stage means, and how you can improve your campaign performance.

Monthly Spend: CPM: Impressions: CTR: Site Visits: Sign-Up Rate: New Sign-Ups: Conversion Rate: New Customers: Avg. Revenue Per Customer: New Revenue:
$ $ 120000 % 78 % 2.81 % 0.70 $ $157.50
CPC: 89 3.20 0.80 $180.00
* Assumes whole budget is consumed. Improve Ads
If you don't do free sign-ups, just put 100% here.
Improve Landing Pages.
Email Nurturing.
Improve Offering.
Improve Branding.
Raise Prices.
Sell Data.
Find new revenue sources.


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