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Below is a comprehensive list of Bookerville's features.

  Features: Basic
Tons of customizable features for vacation rental owners, vacation rental managers, bed and breakfast owners
Superior, customer-focused service
Free 30-day trial (No obligation, no credit card required)
Low annual subscription rates
100% Money-Back Guarantee
  Online Booking Basic Professional  
Online, commission-free booking available 24/7 - convenient and safe
Manage from any computer or mobile device with Internet access
Choose from Manager-Centric booking or Guest-Centric booking (see below for more)
Guest Ranking: Rank your guests, record when security deposits have to be retained, see average Bookerville-wide guest rankings made by other managers. Learn more: Guest Ranking
Contracts - Define custom contracts (or start with our default one). Bookerville pre-fills guest, property data, amounts, dates, and much more. Require guests to agree to your contract (or terms & conditions) before proceeding. Bookerville also captures electronic agreements ("digital signing") - date, customer IP address, etc.
Synchronize Calendars: Synchronize your calendars with VRBO, Homeaway, Homeaway Connect,,, and others.
Export/Publish Your Availability Calendar in iCal Format: Every property in Bookerville has a URL that you can use to export, publish, synchronize, or otherwise share your availability calendar in iCal format. Learn more: Bookerville and iCal Export
  Guest-Centric or Manager-Centric Booking Basic Professional  
Automatic email confirmation that you can define and control
Finer control over who can book: Set Allow and Block lists based on email addresses
Choose to list your property publicly or keep private
Guest-Centric Booking: Choose to allow your guests to book directly on your calendar. Bookings can appear immediately. Super easy to get bookings, even when you are away from your phone or computer.
Choose to require guests to agree to your Terms and Conditions and/or your custom, pre-populated Contract before booking
Manager-Centric Booking: Guests can make inquiries or requests on your online calendar, but final bookings must be approved first before appearing on your calendar. Opposite our guest-centric booking feature, this allows you to screen your guests first before they are officially on your calendar.
Collect pre-payments at time of online booking
  Availability Calendar Setup Basic Professional  
Custom Coupon Codes: Set coupon start and expiration dates, booking start and end dates, minimum number of days stay and/or minimum amounts.
Specify custom check-in and check-out times
Set multi-day discounts
Define up to three types of taxes
Choose to set and enforce minimum/maximum occupancy
Choose to collect surcharges for additional guests - separate pricing for extra adults and extra children
Set calendar offline during calendar maintenance
  Collecting Fees Basic Professional  
Collect booking fees
Collect cleaning fees
Collect security deposit, security deposit waiver, or let guests choose at time of booking
Collect all, part or none of rent due at time of booking
Choose from many denominations (US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Mexican Peso, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Japanese Yen, Dutch Florin, South African Rand, International Generic Currency Symbol, No Symbol (Currency-Agnostic)). Don't see yours listed? Just ask: we should be able to add any currency you need, and it is configurable on a property-by-property basis.
  Payment Integration Basic Professional  
Integrate with your account to accept credit cards. Actually, we can integrate with most merchant accounts - ask us
Choose to accept Paypal, credit card, and/or checks
Collect payment for subsequent payments with custom payment page
Require specific forms of payment (PayPal-Only,, Checks-Only) for refundable security deposits.
Charge transaction processing fees for online payments. Recover all or some of the costs of online payments.
  Manage Your Rates Basic Professional  
Set your daily, weekly and monthly rates for the whole year in minutes - even for the most robust rate schedules - with Bookerville's unique rate-setting tools!
Set seasonal rates in seconds, even with different weekend rates
Set certain special days with yet a different rate in seconds; great for holidays, Valentine's Day, etc.
Copy your rates forward to the next year, with optional adjustments, in just a few quick steps. Once set, quickly copy your rates to any of your other properties. Learn More
Automatic rate-table generation. Keep your website updated automatically with your latest rates
Set a Default Payment Schedule, and Bookerville will create a specific Payment Schedule for each new booking from this default. You can overide this generated Payment Schedule per booking.
  Minimum and Maximum Stays Basic Professional  
Set minimum and maximum nights stay, and specify which days are check-in days
Enforce certain whole-week stays during any time of the year, for example in your high season
Enforce certain blocks of days, like holiday weekends
Copy your Min/Max Stays to any of your other properties in seconds
FlexMin™ - Bookerville can automatically override your minimum stay requirements when there are not enough days in between bookings to meet them.
  Website Integration Basic Professional  
Connect your calendar's URL to your own website, blog, Facebook, etc. No limits to sharing your calendars on other sites!
Tested to work across all popular browsers
Use your own custom header image in your calendar(s) and in your emails
Match your calendar and rate table colors with your own website
Use your own custom web colors in your availability calendar
Use your own custom web colors in your rate table
Unlimited Photos: Upload as many photos as you like for hosting on the Bookerville servers. Bookerville will use them where appropriate (Availability Search results, e.g.) and you can have them appear in your email correspondence. Need help? Just ask us!
  Tools for Multi-Property Managers Basic Professional  
You and your guests can search for availability across all your properties using multi-property search
Easily copy rates, min/max stays, and more from one property to any of your other properties. Learn more: Copy To Properties
Property "Clone" feature lets you create more properties from existing ones you've already set up. Learn more: Property Cloning
Add additional properties at anytime (additional fees may apply)
Combined Bookings: When a guest wants to rent more than one of your units at a time, use our Combined Booking feature to attach additional properties / units to the initial booking. Allows you to send and manage one set of emails, one contract, one booking in the system.
Click here for more information about Tools for Multi-Property Managers.
  Offer More to Your Guests Basic Professional  
Set unlimited custom Guest Options for guest to choose at time of booking.
Guest Options can be priced as flat fee, flat fee per night, or percent of total
Guest Options can be priced as negative amounts, so you can offer discounts
Special Tax Exempt option will calculate booking without taxes (Often used with guests who are associated with non-profit tax-exempt organizations)
Mandatory Guest Options: any custom guest option you create can be configured to be mandatory, and guests are not be able to opt-out of these. They simply appear in the list of booking costs.
  Communicating with Your Guests Basic Professional  
Define custom Contracts, Arrival Instructions & Departure Instructions per property and automatically incorporate them into your emails
Powerful and convenient Email Templates. Use the Bookerville defaults, or customize, delete, or create your own.
Edit and delete email templates
Insert Tags into email templates to allow Bookerville to generate emails with data from bookings. Very powerful!
Send and resend any emails for any bookings at any time. Customize emails before sending.
Use your own custom header image in your emails
Automatic Scheduled Emails: Setup a schedule of emails to sent automatically. Ideal for payment reminders/past due notices, cleaning crew notifications, key swap office reminders, final check-in instructions, and more. Can be setup to send days before or after payment due dates, check-in date, check-out date, or the date the booking was made. Learn more: Automatic Scheduled Emails
Inquiry Email Auto-Responders: Automatically respond to inquiries sent from Homeaway, VRBO, and FlipKey. Get guests into your funnel immediately! Learn more: Inquiry Auto-Responder
Custom Booking Fields: Bookerville's vast data field set is pretty comprehensive, but you can extend it by adding your own, and even include default values for them.
  Reports Basic Professional  
Full compliment of reports showing Outstanding Booking Requests, Guest List, Bookings, and Taxes at the property level.
Account-level reports for Taxes, as well as booking amounts grouped by Owners, Agents, and Marketing Channels.
Filter reports by date range, specific Agent, Marketing Channel, or property.
  Master Calendar View Basic Professional  
View all your bookings for all your properties on one convenient screen
Color-coded booking status
Color-coded booking sources (agents)
Full-featured, power manager booking process gives you full control
  Marketing Channels Basic Professional  
Define custom Marketing Channels to track where booking request originated
Track your Marketing Channels per booking to see what's generating sales
  Booking Agents Basic Professional  
Grant certain permissions to your booking Agents on some or all of your properties so they can help you sell bookings
Set up custom member names and passwords for agents to sign in
Keep track of what your Agents are doing with reports to administer commissions, credits, etc.
Serve as an Agent for other partners
  Home-Owner Access for Managed Properties Basic Professional  
Create limited-access Owner Member Accounts so they can view their properties, make bookings, view certain reports
Control what Owners can see and do per property

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