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Homeaway, VRBO, and Auto-Responders
by John Amato

Homeaway VRBO Auto-Responder

What's an Auto-Responder?

Before we get into the good news, let's briefly review what Bookerville's Auto-Responder is. Whenever you get an inquiry from a listing site (such as Homeaway, VRBO, FlipKey, AirBnB, etc.) they usually send an email to you with the details. You can automatically forward a copy of these emails to a special email address at Bookerville, and Bookerville will read those emails, obtain the information in them, and potentially automatically generate replies to the guests with quotes, links to book, see your other properties, or make online booking requests. This is configurable, and there are lots of options on how to run it. At a minimum, Bookerville records all these inquiries and presents them to you for easy administering in a convenient lead-management tool in your Dashboard ยป At-A-Glance tab. You can learn more about our highly-acclaimed Auto-Responder and what it can do for you.

Homeaway and VRBO Lead Management

About a year ago (2013), Homeaway and VRBO started hiding the guests' email addresses from these inquiry emails that they send to you. Because of this, Bookerville would be unable to automatically reply to the guest. This could also create a lot of back & forth in terms of data entry between your Homeaway/VRBO account and Bookerville. Suffice to say, most property managers were outraged by this. But there appears to be good news...

Tell Them You're Using an Auto-Responder

Our recent experience with our customers has revealed that Homeaway's policies provide for a workaround: if you explain to them that you are using an Auto-Responder, they will put the guest email addresses back into your inquiry emails. We've seen them do this for several of our customers, large and small. So it's certainly worth reaching out to your account representative to ask about this, as it appears they are willing to cooperate.

Calendar Synchronizing, and More

And while you have their attention, it's certainly also worth telling them that you want them to open up their API's to Bookerville so that we can integrate availability data, keeping your calendars synchronized automatically. AirBnB, FlipKey, and many other listing sites already do this using our iCal export feature, so it's about time Homeaway and VRBO make your life as easy as those other listing sites do, right?


Recent Discussions:

Re: Housekeepers Assignments Capability
It's been considered before, but the trouble is that it leaves you having to manually assign cleaners like, constantly. Once most managers realize that, they seem to balk at it.

But is that how you operate?
Jan 14, 2019 in Feature Requests by John Amato
Re: Housekeepers Clean and Inspection Notes? Where?
Yes - you found it! In the Dashboard >> Reports tab, but also there is a View Clean/Inspect Status link at the top of the Booking Details page which let's you see the clean/inspects in the context of bookings, and even navigate through them. Post back if you need help...
Jan 14, 2019 in Beginner's Corner by John Amato
Re: Housekeepers Clean and Inspection Notes? Where?
I have located the clean and inspection reports in the links of each respective booking page. I believe the My Cleans/Inspections link on the master calendar page is an at a glace overview - which is useful.
Jan 14, 2019 in Beginner's Corner by palmstateproperty
Re: Housekeepers Assignments Capability
I would love if under the administrative tab in addition to agent and channel, that there was a drop-down to select another bookerville user and assign them that booking - for instance a housekeeper.

With that feature it would also be useful then for the housekeeper to ONLY see the cleans/bookings assigned to them when they log into their bookerville account rather than giving them master calendar access to an entire property.

Jan 14, 2019 in Feature Requests by palmstateproperty


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