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Release 4.07 was rolled out on September 7th, 2012. Below are the features & enhancements included in this eighteenth Bookerville release:

1) Online Transaction Fees! - You can now set a transaction fee to be added and collected through Bookerville when guests pay you online. Choose from a flat fee or a percent of the total due. This can help you recover some or all of the expense of online payment processing fees.

2) Copy Property Configuration Settings! - There are new buttons in the upper-right area of most of the Property Setup tabs which enable you to quickly and easily copy settings from one property to any of your other properties. Copy property configuration, rates, email templates & settings, calendar colors & header graphics, and more. Learn more: Copy Configuration Settings

3) At-A-Glance Tab! - A new tab on the Dashboard takes you to an At-A-Glance page - showing you summaries of outstanding requests, arrivals, payments due, and past due items. And there's more: this tab will also show your account sub-users (members with permissions) what they need to know for the properties they have permissions on.

4) Printable invoice! - There is now a Printable Invoice button on the Booking Details page. Quickly and easily print off an invoice to file, or to give your guests.

5) Contracts as Attachments - Your custom, generated contracts can now be included in any of your email templates as an attachment. This can make printing and filing a copy easier for your guests. Ask us for help in setting this up.

6) Security Deposit Payment Methods - You can now optionally specify that a certain method of payment is required for refundable security deposit payments. This is a common requirement for many VR managers: some accept only checks, and often don't even deposit them unless needed for damage - simply returning the uncashed check if no damage occurs. Others require the use of PayPal because the amount can be refunded (in whole or in part) within 60 days for free (fees recovered).

Please note: if you enforce a particular method of payment for security deposits, then this will be the only method presented to the guest if the current payment due includes a refundable security deposit. I.e., if the final balance due and the security deposit are both due the same day, and you choose to require checks only for security deposits, then the Bookerville Make Payment page will require the sum of the balance due and the security deposit to be paid by check.

7) Min./Max. Copy Tool Enhanced - The Min./Max. settings Copy tool has been updated to work just like the rates version of the Copy tool - it now lets you select a date range for the copy process to work from.

8) New Accounting Report - A new report is available which allows you to export all bookings and their payment histories. This can be useful for getting your operating data into an external accounting system (Quickbooks, etc.). As with all our features, if you have ideas or feedback on this, please don't be shy.

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