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Release 4.1 was rolled out on September 20th, 2012. Below are the features & enhancements included in this nineteenth Bookerville release:

1) Booking Data Enhancements: We've added several new features to the Booking page. All of these can be found in the Administrative panel on the Booking Details page.

- You can now specify a contract received date.

- New Contract Confirmed section now shows if & when guest positively confirmed the contract (checkbox), and also provides details (ip address, remote host, etc.). Only applies if you are requiring contract agreement.

- Arrival Date & Time can be entered. This may be different from the check-in date/time (i.e., the guests are planning to be late.)

- Flight Info.: You can use these fields to note flight/airport info., which may be helpful if you or staff are providing pick up service, etc.

- Lock Box Code: You can enter the lock box code for the booking here. This value can be automatically placed in Email Templates using the [LOCKBOX CODE] tag.

- Email From Address: You can enter an email address to use as the From: address for all correspondence for this booking. This overrides whatever you have set in your Account Settings for this specific booking only. This can be useful for assigning bookings to be managed by individual agents, etc.

2) Public Master Calendar:

- There is now a public version of the Master Calendar that you can embed directly into your own web pages, using the same <iframe> code as the public calendar, Multi-Property Search, rate table, etc.

- URL to use: (where XXX = your account number) - Ask us if you need help integrating this.

- Does not show any guest or booking data, simply shows booked days in red.

- Guests can click a check-in date, a check-out date, and jump to the property-specific booking/request calendar right from this calendar.

- Flexible width: you can control how many days are displayed with a URL parameter of "days":

ex: (where XXX = your account number) - Ask us if you need help integrating this.

Days displayed can be as small as 7 or as large as 31.

3) Inquiry-Only Form:

- Simple form in a small footprint is ideal for side-navigation columns, etc. Only asks for guest contact data, number of guests, and optional dates & comments. No availability or rates are displayed.

- Will email you (manager) with results.

- If dates are entered, and available, Bookerville will automatically create a Booking Request for you and include a link to it in your email.

- URL to use: (where XXX = your Bookerville property number.) Can also be embedded using <iframe> code - ask us if you need help integrating this.

2 Responses:

destinpalms, February 18, 2013:

Please assist me in embedding the inquiry only form and possibly the master calendar
John Amato, February 19, 2013:

Hi destinpalms - I have sent you an email to set up a phone call to discuss.



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