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Hi john, can i ask a dumb question. Assume i have an early or late checkout - does the calendar show me this in a different colour or alert me to the fact that i do have this. If you make an assumption that i dont need a report but say im inputting a new booking id like an alert to tell me that the previous booking on the same day is checking out late etc you may have this already but ive not used it yet cheers

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John Amato, March 10, 2013:

Not a dumb question! We are working on enhancing the Check-In/Check-out times so that you can enter actual hour/minute values, and then the software can do some of these checks for overlapping guests, tight turnarounds, and even charging more/less for early/late check-in/check-outs.

It's coming!

WCarlile, June 11, 2013:

I have a question relating to this Check-in/out times. Often we need to change the check-in and check-out times from the standard time that we listed on the "Property Setup" page to accommodate a guest's request.

I tried to do so by going to the "Booking Details for Confirmation Code:" page for that guest, then in the upper right hand column click on the "EDIT" buttons for arrival and departure-- but it seems only to allow me to edit the date and not the time.

Currently we have to send out a separate email telling the guest to ignore the arrival/departure times in the auto scheduled emails- but it still seems to upset them when an automatic scheduled email follows without the late checkout time. How are others editing arrival and departure times so that early arrival or late departure requests are acknowledged in the arrival and departure times listed in subsequent automatic scheduled emails?
orlandomkvillas, June 12, 2013:

Hi WCarlile - John gave me a fast response on this when i asked and i have pasted it here ...This section permits you to define any number of custom fields for this booking. You can name each field whatever you like, set the value to be whatever you like, and then you can display these custom fields in your contract, emails, etc. using a tag that begins with X-, and is followed by the name of your custom field in all upper-case letters.
For example, you could define your own custom field called Cleaning Fee, and give it a value of $250.00. Then you could display this custom field value in your contracts and emails using a tag like this:


You can also define Custom Fields in the Property Setup page ==> Email Templates tab, and they will automatically appear in each new booking with your default values, which you can then override here in the Booking Details page.

Custom fields can be useful for creating special fields that Bookerville has not implemented already. Note that these custom fields will not affect any other data - such as the calculated booking total. In this example, the custom Cleaning Fee field would not be listed in the Booking Costs table, nor be included in the booking total amount.

Hope that helps as it helped me !!!
John Amato, June 20, 2013:

Thank you orlandomkvillas.

WCarlile: call or email me ([email protected]) if you need any help with this, Ok?

orlandomkvillas, December 30, 2013:

John - is the software alerting for late check-outs ie a physical alert at time of booking for overlapping guest bookings ? if not when do you anticipate ? thanks and happy holidays gary
orlandomkvillas, January 12, 2014:

Hi is there any reply on this please john ?
John Amato, January 12, 2014:

Sorry for the delay on this response. At this time, the software is not alerting when there are late check-outs nor early check-ins. I cannot give an estimate when this will be available.

What do you want it to do? Send you an email?

John Amato, January 12, 2014:

At this time, only the account manager can enter custom check-in / check-out times, so you might want to just get in the habit of checking the prior (or next) booking before allowing it. We've enhanced the graphical calendar on the Booking Details page to show surrounding bookings, so it's very easy to see this now (just a click away).

It's possible that the software could pop-up a warning when you enter a custom check-in or check-out time that overlaps (or comes dangerously close to?) another guest arriving/departing. This gets pretty tricky though: how close is considered "dangerous"? It's doubtful any two managers agree on this, so then it becomes something that has to be configurable, which gets difficult and expensive.
orlandomkvillas, January 12, 2014:

Hi john
A simple solution ie an email alert would be good ? Alternatively you have the colour schemes on the main calendars so is it possible to show any bookings with an early or late checkout in an all together different colour ?


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