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Topic: Release 5.1
Cindy Amato
Joined: Jan 31, 2009
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Posted by Cindy Amato on Aug 19, 2013 06:20 PM:    

Release 5.1 was rolled out on August 3rd, 2013. Below are the features & enhancements included in this Bookerville release:

1) Reports Enhancement:

The reports now show amounts in the currency for your default (first) property. Note: we still have not (yet) implemented support for reports to show different currencies for different properties.

2) Inquiries in At-A-Glance:

We've added a new box in the At-A-Glance tab that shows all Inquiries. Please note that older inquiries will not appear here, but going forward, this box will retain your history. Clicking any inquiry takes you to the details page for the inquiry, where you can click to book it or create a quote (Booking Request), etc.

3) Updated Header Navigation:

We've enhanced the header area. It is now smaller, leaving more room on the page for the actual content, so you don't have to scroll down as much. There is also a drop-list to jump to many more important areas of the software.

4) At-A-Glance "Remembers" Settings:

The At-A-Glance tab now remembers your filter settings, even when you sign out and sign back in.

5) Public Calendar Won't Show Past Dates:

Unless you are signed in as the account owner, the public calendar will no longer permit navigation to past months. (Some portion of our community did not want guests to see previous availability.)



Joined: Dec 5, 2012
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Posted by tee on Oct 16, 2013 10:32 PM:    

Hi Cindy,
Where can I locate the version that I have? How do we acquire the latest version?



Cindy Amato
Joined: Jan 31, 2009
Topics: 69   Replies: 28
Posted by Cindy Amato on Oct 17, 2013 02:25 PM:    

Hi Tee,
Actually you don't have to do anything. Since Bookerville is a web application (also known as Software as a Service) all the updates happen automatically. You don't have to download anything. Everyone automatically gets access to the latest version upon login. For that reason, there is no "version" number associated with the website. If you would like to see specific "release" information, go to our Releases page: - link to this page is in footer as well.



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