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Hi Jon,
I have been using Bookerville for almost a year now, and absolutely love it and the support that I have received.
There are a couple of items that would help me if they don't cause heartache for others.
These are my suggestions related to the expense tab:
1. Since most items I would assume are taxable, could "Taxable" always appear there instead of non-taxable, but still have the ability to use non-taxable?
2. Categories - could we have the ability to add custom items to the drop down list, or the ability to add a category on the fly?
Under marketing section I have a channel named "Friend", it would be nice to include the name with the friend.
And the last item relates to reports. The column headings are very faint, could these be darker or black?

Thanks for your consideration.
Tee Bolen

1 Responses:

John Amato, October 24, 2013:

Hi Tee, let me answer by number:

1) Do you mean to simply default the drop-list to "Taxable"? Yes we can sure do that, is that what you mean though?

2) We may do this, but can you give me some examples of new categories you would add? If they are applicable to most VR's, we may add them to the system pick-list...

3) You can add as many Marketing Channels as you want to, they are completely custom at this time. How many friends refer business to you? Is it just a handful, or is it dozens?

4) When you print reports (or anything) go to your "Print Settings", or "Page Setup", and look for an option to "Print background (images and colors)". This will cause the report headers (and some other things) to print nicely.

Let me know if we can help, Ok?


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