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Ok so far everything is great except I cant figure out a way to differentiate between daily and weekly put the costs in there but if I book 7 days are a month still charge me the same. Also would like to be able to not charge the 7% bed tax if they stay 30 days is this possible?

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John Amato, November 18, 2013:

Charles which room(s) are you trying to book for a week (or month) and still getting the same total rent? I looked at the first unit in your account (Room 1) and I can see you have set rates as $105 per night, $250 per week, and $800 per month. I tried a variety of bookings, and it seemed to calculate the right price, but I may not be understanding something properly.

Can we talk through this? Call (or text) me at 571-274-4217, or email me ([email protected]) and give a number to reach you and I can call you...


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