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It would be nice if there was a better way to track refunds of security deposits in Bookerville. I enter the SD payment in the block provided but then enter a negative amount to indicate what I refunded. After entering the negative amount, bookerville tells me that there is a balance due.

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Pam Martin, December 3, 2013:

I agree! We currently enter Deposit refund info in the Flight information box of each reservation, just for our own documentation, but have no way of seeing what should be returned when on a report or spreadsheet...
John Amato, January 23, 2014:

It's coming! At a minimum, the ability to mark a refundable security deposit as "refunded", along with the date. That is slated for the next release (5.3), hopefully in the next couple weeks.

What other functions would you see being helpful along these lines? What kind of reports? Or a new box in the At-A-Glance tab?


John Amato, February 15, 2014:

We are also planning to create a new event in your Email Triggers, so that it will automatically send any of your email templates when the security deposit is marked as refunded.

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