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I recently had a family stay for 1.5 months and they left the house very dirty when they left. We needed to charge them extra cleaning fees and have the carpet shampooed. My property manager and cleaner recommended that I require a weekly cleaning for guests staying for 2 weeks or longer. This way it wouldn't get too dirty and I could evict parties who were trashing my home or doing excess damage. I could also start hitting particularly dirty guests with extra cleaning fees all along if necessary.

This week I had requests for a 3 month quote from 2 different parties. It would be very nice if Bookerville could be customized to automatically add a weekly cleaning fee to stays of 2 weeks or longer. For example, if they stayed for 4 week, my total cleaning fee would be 4 x the usual fee. (My cleaner would arrange to come at a mutually agreed upon date, each week and after check out.) It would be even nicer to be able to customize the weekly cleaning fee. Both of these recent request were from a couple but I have had families stay a month or longer. I would like to charge couples less than say a party of 10 staying at my home.

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