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I run a resort with a Tavern/Restaurant and cabins
The bartender usually checks in our renters they do not have a computer to look at the bookings

It would be very useful to have a report on all property that would show Property, check in date, total amount, paid amount and balance due That I could printout on a Weekly basis.

This way I could print out a list for the bartender on who is coming in what cabin they are in and what they owe.

I have just played with this program for a couple of days and am still learning. Its a great program for out type of business. We will be purchasing it before the trial expires. Keep up the good work

2 Responses:

John Amato, September 4, 2011:

Thank you for the excellent idea, we will get to work on that next week. I think it will be a fairly easy feature to implement, so we should be able to include that in the next release.

Thanks also for the kind words, and for trying us out!


Big Swedes, September 19, 2011:

Any idea on when this report will be available

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