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Is there away to print out a page that looks like a calendar with guests dates and any extra's they might have asked for? My management company would like to print out the calendar so it can be view easily for each month. I don't know if this is something others might use? The management software I had before Bookerville had one that I sent to them on a monthly basis and now they are claiming they need one from Bookerville. Am I missing it or is this something you can put together?

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John Amato, October 24, 2014:

Hi dhouin - have you tried the Check-in report yet?
dhouin, October 24, 2014:

Hi John,
Is there a way to email that check-in report? I saw were you could print it out but didn't see where you could email it, did I miss it? It also is not in a calendar format which they like to print out and post on a board, much easier to look at in a glance. They are to lazy ( I didn't say that) to get online and look at my calendar. Almost had a problem because I didn't send them my updated calendar from my other program and they didn't realize I had a rent coming in even though I sent them an email with name etc. on it through the templates. They were relying on my calendar and not paying attention to my emails.

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