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1) I work from Italy then i need to set my currency in Euro ?..... how i can set this currency on back office panel?

2) Can I translate front panel (calendar widget for example) in other language?



i don't find in the forum search options


4 Responses:

John Amato, November 7, 2014:

Hi Alberto - you can change the currency for each property in the Property Setup page:

Let me know if you would like me to do that for you Ok?

We may be interested in producing an Italian version of the booking (and other) widgets. Can you translate for us?

John Amato
Ventuno, November 7, 2014:

Hi John

thanks for your reply

problem of currency fixed, i have some friends that can help you to translate depending by the time request by translation, i can ask if you wish, for some details i can help you by myself (mine is only a problem of time due to my work).

John Amato, November 9, 2014:

Very good Alberto - let me know when you have some translations for us.


Ventuno, November 9, 2014:

do you have a backoffice online for translation?

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