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Hi, I have my first real booking and sent the customer the email to pay and book it. When you click on the Pay Now button it says BV can't find the booking?? I did adjust the price a bit but that shouldn't matter right? Thanks!! (The guest name is Neely BTW)

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Steve Sasman, December 9, 2014:

Update: I originally sent the Guest Confirmation Email.... was I supposed to send the Quote email? I sent her the quote after.. I guess I was confused since you can still pay on the GC email so it seemed like it was still an unpaid quote at that point?
Steve Sasman, December 9, 2014:

Customer still can't get it to work?? Help please
John Amato, December 9, 2014:

Since you're running in Manager-Centric, always start with a Booking Request (not a real booking). Send the Quote email template, and let them go through the confirm quote process.

The Guest Confirmation email will be sent automatically once they confirm (and pay the pre-payment).

This really should be documented somewhere (new video?) - you're not the first to be confused about what steps to take...
Steve Sasman, December 9, 2014:

I did start with a Booking Request ... and then did send the Quote. Still not working for them? Can you go in and see the actual booking to see why it's not working? Also, I redid the Guest Confirm language and now maybe it won't make sense if it comes after the Quote. It's almost like I'm asking them to pay and agree to contract twice? I redid this before I knew this was a 2 step process...
John Amato, December 10, 2014:

Hi Steve - here's what I did: I went into that Booking Request and clicked on the Quote email that was sent to review it. I clicked the link in that email to confirm the booking. It took me to the Confirm Quote page for that Booking Request ( Does that page work Ok for you?

It works for me (although I did not go through the process). What part of it isn't working for them? Are they able to get to the Confirm Quote page at all? Or is it not letting them confirm the quote once they're there?

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