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Hi John,
Is there an option to include Wire/Bank Transfer and Cash as payment methods instead of the 4 standard options?
John T

3 Responses:

John Amato, May 8, 2015:

Hi John - there is a section where you can specify Bank/Wire Transfers, this is in the Property Setup ==> Email Templates tab, and I imagine you could add a blurb about paying in cash there, do you think that would work?
Niseko Boutiques, May 8, 2015:

Thanks John, I realise now I wasn't very clear. I should have specified in the payments received area drop down menu of a booking where the current options to record payments are credit card, PayPal, check or other.
From a report and somewhat accounting perspective, being able to separate/change 'other' into alternate payment methods would be great help.
Is the drop down menu able to be edited for Individual accounts or is it a general bookerville menu that will change for all customer accounts?

Thanks again., August 3, 2017:

Good morning. I have the same question. I would like to add Square Up. Is this something that I can do myself? Thank you.

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