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I've been trying to develop a sales funnel where I direct guests to inquire into a set of dates. I push the users to the inquiries page and the email address and dates go into BV but I have no clue who or how many have inquired. I can track the initial page hit but nothing after that.

Is there a way I can get a thank you page url where I can set a retargeting cookie? I need to differentiate between tire kickers and buyers.

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John Amato, May 21, 2015:

I doubt it. We looked into this a year ago, and Google sure didn't make this easy. I assume you're using Analytics?
Gbelton, May 22, 2015:

I am using analytics as well as FAce book pixels.

If nothing else, could I get the emails for the individuals that inquire?
John Amato, May 28, 2015:

You mean the email addresses? But they might not even enter it, for a simple inquiry...
Gbelton, May 28, 2015:

heres what I'm doing now.

Custom audience pixel on main page
Conversion tracking pixel on inquiry page

I buy an Ad on FB offering free no obligation quote for a vacation rental targeted as best I can.

Fb members that visit my site Identifies an audience which I can say send ads to people like this.
the conversion pixel let's me know that they made it to the page but doesn't let me know they pulled the trigger or if they entered an email address into your form nor does it tell me what period they were interested in.

HomeAway uses email addresses and dates to send email to the inquirer now and in the future.

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