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Hello All,

I just joined the Bookerville family to manage my one and only vacation rental in Hawaii. I am not a stranger to the world of real estate - I am a broker in California. This is my first vacation rental tho. I have done long term rentals and taking on this new prospect has been interesting so far.

I am currently working on integrating Bookerville into my site. If you want to check it out (it is very much a work in progress), you can find it here:

The ability to copy and paste iFrames is great, but I am looking into using the APIs from bookerville to kind of roll my own calendar interface. We will see how that goes, I may have to hand that one off to a friend with some chops in that area.

If you do visit the site, the photos there are just placeholders for the moment. They are taken at the rental, but all are phone pictures. I will be taking the professional shots at the end of this month and the place will go live of rental on July 6th.

If anyone has words of wisdom for someone starting out, I would love to hear them.


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John Amato, June 15, 2015:

Welcome Robert!

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