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I am researching implementing Bitcoin Acceptance soon. I foresee handling my own "Instant Exchange" in the currencies via Circle or Coinbase Exchange Wallets - taking BTC -> USD, then actually depositing USD into the actual Customer Bank Accounts and will enter those USD deposits into my payment fields. So I don't expect you to do anything about this - but in the event you are looking around or thinking on any Bitcoin Payment aspects - I'm open to hearing any ideas from you or anyone. No serious need for a response - just throwing it out just in case anyone else is thinking on these lines and wants to dialogue. I have heard there are Bitcoin implementations out there that sort of handle this sort of like Paypal does. Bitpay out of Atlanta is one, but I haven't gotten into the meat of how that works yet. This may be a little premature since it is still a bit wild wild west in the price fluctuations - but I do think we are getting closer to Bitcoin/Blockchain monetary system and I am starting to prep myself for the transition. Open to ideas / comments.

- david

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