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On the "Booking Payments Made" would be great to have a "Cash" option as method of payment.
In the same way we can enter the checke number we could have a text box to enter details for all other methods of payments, paypal transaction #, and on the "Other" we could input any details necessary (eg: FlipKey, HomeAway, Cash, Airbnb, etc)

I looked around but I couldn't find how to add different methods of payment like we can do with the "Marketing Channel"

4 Responses:

John Amato, January 29, 2016:

Very good idea 2624luisny. Here's what we can:

1) We can certainly add "Cash" as an option in the drop-list.

2) For PayPal transactions, Bookerville is already capturing all the data that comes back from PayPal, and we could make a link that would pop-up those details.

3) Adding the ability to place random notes for each payment is a little dicey for software. What I think I'd rather do is offer more values in the drop-list for the source of the payment. But to really do this right requires a better understanding of how you are receiving payments, especially from the listing sites. Can you expand on that a little, tell me how that works?

Please tell me your thoughts on this...
2624luisny, February 1, 2016:

Hi John, sorry for the delay..

We take 99% of the payments via the websites we listed our houses, Airbnb, HomeAway, FlipKey, VRBO... It would be too much to add all websites on the dropmenu, specially because there are much more sites than the ones we use...
It could be user customizable (like the marketing channel) or on the option "Other" we could have a text box to enter a short description (i.e. 10 characters), just like "check" has it's own description box...

Thanks for adding the "Cash" option!

2624luisny, April 6, 2016:

Thanks for the new options!!
love it!

John Amato, April 7, 2016:

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