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We require a $200 PayPal deposit at the time of reservation, with full payment due 30 days prior to arrival. It would help if the reservation made is less than 30 days prior to arrival, the guest was told to pay the full amount. This would save a follow up phone call to the guest to get their Credit Card for the balance. (The set up field could say something like $xxx due at reservation, or if <30 days, 100% of reservation due.)

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John Amato, November 21, 2011:

This is an excellent idea Bob, and also one that we know other members want. We will start working on this asap.

PayPal also offers something that permits you to set up future scheduled payments, that the guest can agree to at the time of booking. There can be up to 4 of these, and so we are also looking into that as a feature that will save a lot of back & forth.

As best as we know, only PayPal offers this - does not.

More to come...
John Amato, January 12, 2012:

This has been implemented. It is based on your Payment Schedule, the template for which is located in your Dashboard --> Account Settings tab.

When someone makes a booking, your template is used to create an actual payment schedule (with actual dates) for the booking. Bookerville will "walk through" your payment schedule, adding up amounts that are in the past, to arrive at a total that is due now, and it will make this the pre-payment amount required to secure the booking (if you have indicated a pre-payment is required in your Property Ssetup page.)

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