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I am interested in hearing how Bookerville users are sending out quotes to HomeAway sites now that they have started applying their service fee to all their transactions if payment is processed through their dashboard. In the past, I have always replied through the dashboard telling the traveler that the dates are available and they will be receiving a quote from me shortly through e-mail. Then I remove the HomeAway quote before sending the reply. They then receive my Bookerville quote and we agree to payment method sometimes through the HomeAway dashboard (if the traveler insists) or through Authorize net or check.

Now, with the addition of that service fee, my quote would be significantly off compared to the actual cost of booking through HomeAway. Are most of you adding a statement to your quote about the booking fee being charged by HomeAway? Or are you telling them in an e-mail, in your HomeAway initial response to the inquiry?

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