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Are Bookervile's "booking fees" the right place for "Channel" or "Agent" fees?
I have manually entered all of the payment info from my channel's booking and I want the payment totals to look correct to the renter. I entered the channel's "Service Fee" as a "booking fee" in Bookerville.
Is there a report where Bookerville substracts the channel's/agent's Service fee and commission to create a net total for book keeping purposes?

4 Responses:

John Amato, April 12, 2016:

That should work. The Owners Statement is probably the closest thing to what you want.

To get that to work, you would need to create a Booking Expense(s) for whatever you want deducted from the revenue to arrive at a "Net Due Owner" line. Look for the Booking Expenses link at the top of the Booking Details page.

When entering expenses like this, check the box for "Owner Paid" to get it to appear as a deduction from revenue in the Owners Statement.
Allie, June 10, 2018:

where is the "booking details" page? DOes this need done for each booking ? How can I have the channel fees show up on the reports??? help?
John Amato, June 14, 2018:

Allie can you please email me? I'd like to take this to Rentals United and see if they can start posting the various commission fees, as I believe that will rectify your accounting.
PACVL, June 25, 2018:

John on this topic there are a couple of things for consideration. I like the Bookerville invoice to match the channel partner information. When I do the automated emails to the guests I used to include the rental summary block but it generally created more questions from the guest because it didn't look like what the channel had reported to them.

The guests typically don't see the fees that the owners are being charged. These fees are also typically not taxable and should not be showing anywhere in the revenue side of the invoice as to cause questions when the tax auditors come knocking.

Finally for those of us that manage properties for others I have found that in some instances I will charge a lower property management fee and pass thru the channel commissions to the owners on their statement and for others I will have a larger PM commission and will NOT pass thru the commission.

For Rentals United (the channel manager I am connected with) I believe they send the commission as part of the XML. It would be nice if on a property by property basis we had an option to "automatically" include that commission as a booking expense... IE. Expedia Commission and the amount showing as owner paid, etc...

Just a few thoughts.

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