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Hello... I have had a few guests comment that they are getting time-out errors when trying to use the booking/availability table on my website. Here is the msg I just received:

>>Just for your information, your web page doesn't like Firefox browser. I was getting time out errors. but it works fine with Microsoft browser.<<

There does seem to be some lag while the Bookerville loads in Firefox. Is that normal? I don't think I've experienced that in Chrome or Safari. When I attempted to run the availability calendar and get a quote/request a booking via Firefox it seemed to work fine from my end. Here is my site... Any ideas appreciated. Thank you!

2 Responses:

dtarca, June 8, 2016:

PS... Avail Calendar about midway down page.
John Amato, June 9, 2016:

Interesting. How many reports like this have you received? And did it start recently?

I just tried it, and didn't have any issues, using Firefox.

We have not received any other reports of issues, so it makes me wonder if it's just an isolated incident of someone with an old or broken browser?

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