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I am new in using Bookerville and in the vacation business. I am running one unit I am renting mainly on Airbnb and VRBO. I want to extend my business and alos streamline the process.

So far I am manging my booking directly form those website.

As I am stating using Bookerville, I notice my booking are imported in the calendar. BUt then I wonder how you guys are managing to record other information like, guest contacts, payment collected from AIrbnb and VRBO, etc?

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John Amato, August 2, 2016:

Bookerville integrates with two Channel Managers: BookingPal and Rentals United. Both have their merits, but if you're using AirBnB and VRBO then at this time we recommend BookingPal.

By using a Channel Manager, all the data you enter and manage in Bookerville - features/amenities, rates, taxes, photos, etc. - is distributed and synchronized with whichever listing sites you choose to list with. And BookingPal integrates with more than just AirBnB and VRBO, so you'll have more options to get more business.

You also get calendar sync complete with guest contact data, booking amounts, etc.

Here is more information on both Channel Managers:


Rentals United:
moabcabins, August 9, 2016:

I am in the process of finding a channel manager for our rental business, so it is good to know the 2 companies integrate with Bookerville. I love using Bookerville and would consider using the above channel managers, but I'm learning that Bookerville is presently not responsive to various viewing sizes/devices such as tablets and smartphone. So many guests these days are using their Smartphones to search and book that I wanted to know if you are working to improve this problem.
John Amato, August 10, 2016:

Can you please point to the page(s) you are seeing that you believe are not working on mobile devices?
moabcabins, August 10, 2016:

Maybe the problem is more related to my website rather that the booking calendar.
moabcabins, August 10, 2016:

moabcabins, August 10, 2016:

Here is the page.
John Amato, August 10, 2016:

Hmmm. Might be something forum-related here, but I can't see the link.

Can you please email me? [email protected]
pch, March 21, 2018:

I understand that channel managers will push our data out and that calendars synchronize between airbnb and Bookerville. I don't see any information on whether or not using a channel manager will help with automatic emails. Currently even after synching airbnb calendar with Bookerville I have to manually generate the email schedule so that the cleaning company is in the loop. Is there a way to generate the cleaning email automatically once my calendar has been synched with airbnb?
John Amato, March 21, 2018:

pch - we have turned on Automatic Scheduled Emails for Channel Manager-placed bookings, but we are hesitant to do that for iCal-placed bookings because they don't arrive with amounts, and often don't arrive even with a guest email address.

We've also enhanced the Email Templates so that you can specify if each one is to be sent (or NOT sent) for specific listing sites, which you'll find is critical once you start using more than one listing site.
pch, March 21, 2018:

Thank you John. I can understand the hesitancy for the iCal but that would make it more seamless for those of us who have not yet turned to a channel manager. The amounts and email addresses are not as important as having the cleaning service automatically in the loop. I have gone in and changed settings for which emails need to go and when and appreciate the ability to do that. We currently only use Bookerville and airbnb
John Amato, March 21, 2018:

Ok - pch I have turned this on for your account. And I want to make sure I have done this as you want it: I've turned on both Automatic Scheduled Emails and also the "triggered" emails, and I did this for both VRBO and AirBnB iCal bookings. Is this what you want?
pch, March 21, 2018:

Excellent. Thank You John. I believe that is what I want. I will review all of my settings and let you know how this goes.
John Amato, March 21, 2018:

Ok, very good. And that goes for anyone else reading this: if you would like Automatic Scheduled Emails and/or triggered emails to go out for your iCal-placed bookings, please either post here, or email me: [email protected]

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