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I have a guest wanting to pay with PayPal. When I click on the Make Payment option the PayPal button is there but I don't see how to email it to the guest. Do we just email the link or is there a better way? Can a PayPal option / button be added to the Payment Reminder email?


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John Amato, November 9, 2016:

Hi gmanobmo - best would be to click Generate Email, and send them a Payment Reminder email. That has a link in it which will take them to the Make Payment page where they can go through the process.

Write back if that doesn't do what you want...
gmanobmo, November 9, 2016:

I must have removed that link. Is it a Tag?
John Amato, November 9, 2016:

No, it should be an Email Template, which appears when you are on the Booking Details page and click the Generate Email link at the top.

Do you not see a Payment Reminder email there?
gmanobmo, November 9, 2016:

That email is in there but I just emailed one to myself and there is no Make Payment link. I might have removed it when I was setting it up.
John Amato, November 9, 2016:

Oh I see. It looks like you've customized it.

Here is the line to add to that Email Template:

To make your payment, go to this page: [URL=[PAYMENT PAGE LINK]]Pay Now[/URL]

Let me know if you need help, Ok?
gmanobmo, November 9, 2016:



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