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We now have a few sites that we are able to synchronize our Bookerville Calendars with, which is great. I am just wondering is there any proposal to include HomeAway. This would be very useful as I have just had an experience of 2x properties being double booked as HomeAway got to the calendar before I managed to book dates out. Thanks.

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John Amato, October 4, 2017:

Hi Sabeli Villas - are you talking about iCal synchronization?
Sabeli Villas.c.b. - E30811939, October 6, 2017:

Hi John - Yes. Currently we have the options for Airbnb,, VRBO & TripAdvisor. Just wondered if HomeAway (Owners Direct) was in the pipeline. I have several owners that advertise with HomeAway and it would be useful if we could synchronize their calendars also. Thanks Deborah
John Amato, October 27, 2017:

Sorry for my delay on this. I am surprised that HomeAway Owners Direct is not automatically incorporated into HomeAway's iCal feed, because their feed currently includes bookings from other platforms that HomeAway owns, like VRBO and others. Have you inquired about this with them?

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