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I'm sorry if this has been addressed and I haven't seen it in the forum. Can Venmo be added as an additional payment method?

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John Amato, November 27, 2017:

Hi Blane - have you looked into the Lynnbrook Group yet?
Blaine Wiggins, November 27, 2017:

Hi John, yes I have. I went to see what their fees were but it required me to provide my contact info to get a quote. I didn't like that, as I was just curious what fees were involved, etc., so I did not pursue it further. Honestly, I've never had anyone ask me if I accept payments via the Lynbrook Group before, but I've had the majority of my recent inquiries (last 3-6 months I'd guess) ask me if I accept Venmo! Right now I tell them over the phone or email how they can send Venmo payments to me, but it would be great to make it automated the way it does with PayPal. Thanks John!
John Amato, November 27, 2017:

Ok. Well, most true merchant accounts will have to go through a thorough underwriting process of your business in order to provide the best (lowest) quote possible. So I understand if you might feel it's not worth it.

But integrating with payment processors is a very expensive proposition for us, so unless we get a very large consensus of members who want a particular integration, we encourage you to investigate the options we have. PayPal, (which is supported by most merchant account providers), and of course the Lynnbrook Group. The Lynnbrook Group's new gateway is also boasting better features, like auto-charging cards on file, and integrated refunds (in the Bookerville dashboard), and more.

Might be worth going through the process if you want the lowest rates, and the best features.

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