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I have my property listed on VRBO. I also work with a booking agent that has my property listed on VRBO under a separate listing. I'd like to add both my VRBO iCal calendar and my booking agent's VRBO iCal calendar to Bookerville. How can I do that since I only see one VRBO iCal field on my property?

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John Amato, April 30, 2018:

How is VRBO preventing these from double-booking on their own site?
Bennett Jacoby, April 30, 2018:

VRBO is not linking the two accounts so does not prevent double bookings. I've had to do it manually. This is the whole reason I wanted to subscribe to Bookerville, so it would propagate bookings between the two VRBO accounts.
John Amato, May 1, 2018:

Honestly, this sounds like a bad idea. VRBO itself is not stopping the double-bookings, which is problem #1, and iCal syncs would only be a very rudimentary band-aid. iCal feeds are not real-time, and also not transactional, so they would not stop double-bookings from happening anyway. Let me know if you'd like to chat about this: [email protected]

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