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I would like to see an expansion of the guest database. Each booking contains valuable guest information. Being able to use that guest information for marketing purposes and just historical reference could be invaluable. I would like to see a way to get to Guests separate from bookings but to relate things together. So when looking at a guest see their bookings and also their reviews. See the first time they booked with us. Which properties they've booked... how many nights they've booked... perhaps even some owner managed fields like you have in the bookings themselves... where I could keep notes like - no feather pillows, prefers decaf coffee, anniversary date, birthdate, etc...

I like the guest ranking idea that seems to be out there and the fact that I can base a discount on a rank but it was hard for me to manage them... This could put more focus on that exercise. I would also like to tie the guest ranking to the housekeeping module but that I will put in another request.

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