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It would be nice to be able to get a report of all email addresses from persons who entered dates in the public calendar and or requested a quote. This would be a great list of prospective renters to whom to market future specials.
Also, on the public calendar, could you add "Enter email address if you would like to be notified of specials or rate reductions on this property"? Or could you have a blank field where the owner/manager could enter such a phrase if desired? I think that might entice some prospective renters to enter their email address who otherwise might not do so. For every one rate calculated on the public calendar with an email address supplied I have 2-3 other rates calculated without email addresses supplied.

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John Amato, February 3, 2012:

Tom have you tried the "Export Guest Contact List" item in the Dashboard Reports tab? It also lets you export to a CSV file (upper-right link).

Does this list include guests who only made a request? I thought it did, but if you see that it isn't please let us know, Ok?

dlxhivac, February 3, 2012:

I had not seen that. When I viewed it, I realized that it has only guests who booked a reservation and it mixed renters from both of my properties into the same group. It doesn't include those who provided an email on the public calendar for a calculated rate but didn't book.
fabmir, February 20, 2012:

I would like to add to make sure you only mass-send to your guests via the Bcc box so that your email list is not revealed to every guest on the list. As an experiment, I just tried the csv export and opened it with Excel, highlighted all the emails in that column, pasted it into the Bcc box of my gmail account, and all the emails were comma separated automatically.
John Amato, February 21, 2012:

Thank you gentlemen, for your insights.

I've taken a stab at this. Being able to report on "casual" visitors required some updates to the data model. Guests can have interactions with more than one property, and even across multiple accounts. So for now, I've divided the Export Guest Contact List report into two parts: the top shows people who have actually booked; the bottom shows "other contacts", which can be anyone who entered their email address while on your public calendar, or the Multi-Property Search widget, and other scenarios.

Let's see how this plays out for a little bit. Eventually, we'll enhance the report to group by property, and maybe let you choose to filter on specific properties.

Tom - your idea of putting a message like that is a two-edged sword. Some people will be scared off by that, and won't enter their email address (when they otherwise might have). Others will embrace it and put their email address in. Still others will simply leave the page immediately. It's a crap-shoot...
John Amato, March 3, 2012:

Update: You can now filter this report/export by property.


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