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I would love to see the booking page that lists all the info and payments received for that guest, to automatically enlarge the font on the "print friendly" version. I have set my printer to print larger however, it still is small font. I like to print this page to attach to my signed contracts and keep everything in a binder for the year. The dates and names are so small that I end up rewriting at the top of the page for each booking. I am so grateful to have your system in place! It has saved me so many hours of work...thank you!!!!

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John Amato, February 3, 2012:

We will look into this Tiffany, thanks for pointing it out to us. Have you tried printing in "landscape" format? When I do that, it comes out much larger. But then it also takes two sheets of paper, but this may be worth it if you can read it easier.


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