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Since hotels advertise and quote by daily rates without taxes, it would be nice to have a new tag which was AVERAGE DAILY RATE WITHOUT TAX. In my quote email, I would provide both of these numbers.

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dlxhivac, February 5, 2012:

Oops! You already provided these tags! [AVERAGE DAILY RATE] and [AVERAGE DAILY TOTAL]
John Amato, February 5, 2012:

Are you sure these tags are working as you expect them to? I wasn't quite sure from our email dialog...

dlxhivac, February 6, 2012:

I double checked them. The [AVERAGE DAILY TOTAL] is correct but the [AVERAGE DAILY RATE] doesn't include tax or cleaning. I would prefer that the [AVERAGE DAILY RATE] include cleaning.
dlxhivac, February 6, 2012:

It would be nice if the "price out" also presented the average daily rate and average daily total to shoppers.
John Amato, February 7, 2012:

Ok, here is what we have now:

[AVERAGE NIGHTLY RATE] - This is the "net rent" only, divided by the number of nights (not days). It is simply the rent, plus any over-occupancy surcharges, less any discounts. Discounts here means only Multi-Day Discounts, or anything you override in the Discounts field on the Booking Details page.

[AVERAGE NIGHTLY TOTAL] - This is the absolute total of the booking, divided by the number of nights (not days). It should include both taxes and cleaning fees (and everything else). If it's not, please let me know.

Just for clarity - there are no "DAILY" versions of these tags - should there be? The number of days in a stay is always one more than the number of nights. Dividing by the number of days will reduce the average, but may be misleading? It's all optional (you can use whichever tags you want to), so let me know if we should offer DAILY versions of all these, and we'll do it.

But I want to make sure I understand what you want to include before dividing by anything: is it just the Net Rent plus cleaning?

I know this is very meticulous, but we want to provide what everyone wants, and we want to make sure it's correct. Thanks!
dlxhivac, February 7, 2012:

My preference would be to not use daily because it is mIsleading.
I also would prefer to include cleaning charges which are usually built into hotel charges. Another reason to use them is that different aviation homes have different cleaning fees.
John Amato, February 7, 2012:

Ok, so just stick to NIGHTLY for now? Let me know if you (or anyone else) change your mind - it would be very easy to provide DAILY versions of all these kinds of tags.

Ok, so here's what I propose then: [AVERAGE NIGHTLY NET RENT PLUS CLEANING], which is:

(Net Rent (rent + over-occupancy surcharges - discounts) + cleaning fee) divided by number of nights.

Is that right?

dlxhivac, February 7, 2012:


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