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The paypal invoice shows the rental amount but not the security deposit amount. I have the security deposit included in the Booking Amounts box. (We've talke about so many things, I'm not sure what the decision was about security deposits being an included fee but non taxed)

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John Amato, May 16, 2012:

Which booking is this (confirmation code) - and which property? I'll take a look and see what's happening...

Pine Hollow Lodging, May 16, 2012:

One Happy Cabin (test) Confirmation Code: 506-12850-20120501

Stargazer (actual) Confirmation Code: 507-13375-20120616


John Amato, May 16, 2012:

Oh I see what's happening. Although a security deposit is specified, there is no payment schedule set up for it. This is easily remedied, but I can't remember what your policy is on the security deposit? When do you collect it?

Pine Hollow Lodging, May 16, 2012:

policy is that it is due 30 days before arrival date.
John Amato, May 16, 2012:

At the same time as the full balance due, correct?

Go to your Dashboard ==> Account Settings, and click the "Add Security Deposit Scheduled Payment" button. Enter 30 in the Days before check-in box, and click save.

This will create security deposit due dates for all newly-entered bookings, but it will not automatically apply to existing ones. But it's easy: just go into the other bookings (506-12850-20120501, 507-13375-20120616, etc.) and in the Payment Schedule box (under the booking amounts) click the "Generate New Payment Schedule" button. That will create an actual scheduled payment for the security deposit for that booking, and then when you (or your guests) go to the Payment Page, Bookerville will include the security deposit amount in the total due for the amount.

(Lots of words, but it's just a few clicks - but as always, let us know if we can help!)
Pine Hollow Lodging, May 16, 2012:

thanks, I'll give that a try tomorrow!
Michael Wiack, August 22, 2012:

I'm having the same problem - the security deposit amount isn't included in the total when you select "Pay the whole amount now". Only the applicable rent is included in that amount.

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