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Guest Options

Offering guests upgrade options is a way to increase revenue and please customers.
Use Bookerville's Guest Options feature to leverage this concept.

Customers are much more likely to purchase additional services if they are presented as options. Our Guest Options feature lets you create custom upgrades with a variety of pricing models.

Use Guest Options to offer:

Wine and Roses: perfect for B&Bs or inns - details like this really make their stay memorable.
Travel Insurance: Bookerville's Guest Options can be priced as a percent of the rent as well.
Heated Pool: These can also be priced as an amount per-night charge. "The house pool will be heated to a balmy 86 degrees during your stay. ($35 per night.)".
Restaurants, Golf Courses, Amusement Parks: offer special deals on local attractions.
Bring Fido! offer the options to bring a pet, priced accordingly.
Bring Your Own Linens: Guest Options can also be negatively priced for discounts.
Mandatory Options: Guest Options also provides a way to include additional, non-optional fees & charges.

Guest Options: be sure to explore this powerful selling tool to increase your revenue!

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