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PayPal Vs. Merchant Account Calculator

Determine If and When It Makes Financial Sense for a Vacation Rental Manager to Switch From PayPal to a Merchant Account.

In the early stage of your VR business, it makes sense to use PayPal. (Let's face it: you're just happy to be getting bookings!) Pretty soon though, those PayPal transaction fees begin to hurt. That's when you ask yourself: "Should I be using a merchant account instead?" Try out our "PayPal Vs. Merchant Account Calculator" to determine your Break-Even amount, as well as your annual savings if you do switch.

For more information, read Bookerville's article: PayPal Vs. Merchant Accounts: When to Use One Over the Other

PayPal Vs. Merchant Account Calculator

Merchant Account
Monthly Fee:
Merchant Account
Transaction Fee (Average):
PayPal's Transaction Fee (Avg.): %
Annual Processing Voume: $

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Your Break-Even Point:

You need to process at least this much per year in online sales to consider switching from PayPal.

Your Annual Savings:

With this Annual Processing Volume and these rates, you would save this amount per year if you switched from PayPal.



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