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Transaction Fees

Online transaction fees can really eat your profit margin.

Vacation Rentals in particular are hard-hit with transaction fees because the payment amounts are high. And remember: you're paying these fees on the total amounts collected - not just your own profit margin. Bookerville permits you to alleviate this expense by charging transaction fees when customers pay online. Transaction Fees

Flat Fee or Percent: choose whether each transaction is charged a flat fee or a percent of the total transaction amount.
Added to Booking Total: Transaction fees are automatically calculated and added as a Guest Option to the booking, updating the total, and also the payment schedule.
Transaction-based: The fees are only added for each payment made, and only if the payment is made online.
Check Local Laws: Believe it or not, some states do not allow recovering transaction or processing fees.

Bookerville's Transaction Fees are a superior solution because they are calculated and charged in real-time, and only for individual payments if they are made online. This is much better than trying to charge a single fee when the booking is made, because it's often not known at that time how the subsequent payments will be paid.

Transation Fees: look for this setting in your Property Setup page, lower-right area.


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