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Collecting Payments for Your Vacation Rental Business

Vacation Rental Payments

Bookerville supports a variety of ways to collect rent, fees, deposits, and other vacation rental payments into your own business account.

Lynnbrook Vacation Rental Payments
Lynnbrook: Lynnbrook is Bookerville's recommended solution. Lynnbrook is a National leader for credit card and eCheck solutions for the vacation rental industry, offering competitive rates that are transparent and simple to understand. Your Bookerville account will integrate seamlessly with PayPros for customer payments directly into your own account. No additional Bookerville fees. Learn more: Lynnbrook
PayPal Vacation Rental Payments
PayPal: Popular for startups and small businesses, PayPal offers easy setup and no monthly or annual fees. Your Bookerville account will integrate seamlessly with PayPal for customer payments directly into your own account, with no additional Bookerville fees. Vacation Rental Payments Any merchant account that uses an gateway can integrate instantly with your Bookerville account. Customer payments go directly into your own account, with no additional Bookerville fees.
Accept Checks for your Vacation Rental
Paying By Check: Bookerville also supports customer payments by check. You can even make this optional for guests when it's time for them to make a payment. Learn more: Accepting Checks
Direct Depositand Bank Wire Transfers
Paying By Bank Deposit/Wire Transfer: You can enter custom instructions for paying you by direct bank deposit or wire transfers.

But there is so much more to collecting payments, than just your methods of receiving them:

Vacation Rental Payment Schedules
Payment Schedules: Payment Schedules are an important part of running a successful vacation rental business. Bookerville helps you define your Payment Schedules and can use these to automatically collect payments when they are due. Learn more: Payment Schedules
Vacation Rental Security Deposits
Security Deposits: Bookerville also supports traditional, refundable security deposits, as well as security deposit "waivers", or damage insurance. Learn more: Security Deposits
Vacation Rental Transaction Fees
Transaction Fees: You can also choose to collect transaction fees when customers elect to pay online. Bookerville will only add these transaction fees for specific payments, and only when they are paid online. Learn more: Transaction Fees

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