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Let's Dig In!

Bookerville's regularly-scheduled free webinars are the fastest way to get your feet wet, and the bulk of your questions answered.

Not a sales-pitch! No pressure, no need for even an email address. And most sessions have only one or two participants, so it's a very personalized experience.

We hold webinars twice a week:

Is Bookerville Right for You? Webinar (60 Minutes + Time for Questions)

  • Every Tuesday at 2:30 PM EST (60 minutes +)
  • Every Thursday at 10:30 AM EST (60 minutes +)


This free webinar is an introduction to Bookerville and should answer most of your questions. Topics include:

  • Who can use Bookerville
  • Calendar Syncing
  • Channel Management / Integration with the major listing sites
  • Guest Payment Options
  • Integration with Your Website
  • Automatic Emails
  • How to work with Cleaners, Housekeeping Mobile App
  • Maintenance
  • Reporting
  • Owners
  • There will be time for questions at the end.

Instructions for Webinar:

  • We use Join.Me for our webinars. It allows us to share our screen and host multiple people.
  • To join the webinar, click this link at the time of the webinar:
  • You can call in via your phone, or you can use your computer's microphone and speakers to listen to the audio. Instructions on how to do this are shown through Join.Me after you click the link above.
  • These free webinars are open to anyone who wants to join.


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Vacation Rental Software Free Trial