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Do you own a vacation home rental? Do you have an online availability and booking calendar for it? If you do, are you paying too much for it? Increasingly, vacationers are looking for ways to book their trips online. They want to see your vacation home rental's availability and rates without having to call or email you for them. They also want to book a reservation request for your vacation home rental immediately, and get an email confirmation right away.

Bookerville offers real-time, interactive availability and booking calendar systems for your vacation home rental, and for a price that any vacation home rental owner can afford: as little as $49.99 per year. That's less than $4.20 per month! Whether you rent your home for money, or simply share your home with family and friends, Bookerville's interactive availability and booking calendars can make life much easier for you and your guests. No more juggling overlapping reservation requests, or having to get back to callers or emailers for availability and pricing. With Bookerville, all of that is handled automatically. And no other availability and booking calendar system is as easy for both you and your guests to use.

Your Bookerville calendar can also be set up so that only the people you want can book requests. Simply enter their email addresses into your Bookerville Allow List, and Bookerville will not allow anyone else but them to make reservation requests on the calendar for your vacation home rental.

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Bookerville's vacation home rental calendars are 100% online, internet-based, with nothing to install. If you already have a website for your vacation home rental, you can either embed the Bookerville calendar right into your web page, or place a link there to take visitors to your Bookerville calendar. You can also just email the URL of your Bookerville calendar to your friends and family, and tell them to bookmark it so they can easily see your vacation home rental's availability any time.

A Bookerville calendar for your vacation home rental offers you:

Set your own check-in & check-out times.
Optionally enforce whole-week bookings (Sat. to Sat. or Sun. to Sun.)
Personalize the wording of the email notifications sent to guests.
Calendar can be completely private - no listings or promotions unless you want them.
Allow Lists and Block Lists let you control who can use your calendar.
Create your own custom special offers to enhance the vacation experience of your guests.
Unlimited commission-free online bookings.
Optional booking fees can be collected into your own PayPal account.
Vacation Home Rental

Whether your vacation home rental is a beach house, a mountain cottage, or a villa in the vinyard, Bookerville can help you get a real-time availability and reservation request calendar setup quickly, easily, and for only $49.99 per year. That's less than $4.20 per month!

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